Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Our master craftsmen are endowed with the unique gift of creating emotion. Custodians of Vicenza's goldsmith tradition, they have a talent and a passion that no machine could ever replace. Know-how and skills passed down from generation to generation, like a precious heirloom.


Resulting from a sudden insight, the spiral-wound strand technique is exclusive to the brand. An extremely fine 18 karat gold strand is crafted and shaped by the expert hands of craftsmen, who give it its soft and sinuous form.


Sculptural, organic, and irresistibly sensual jewelry: the 18 karat yellow gold surfaces that distinguish the Marco Bicego brand are exquisitely hand engraved using an ancient tool, "Bulino." The result creates a brushed, silky finish reminiscent of textile textures.

Colored Gemstones

Versatile jewelry that adds a touch of color to every outfit: Marco Bicego's declaration of love for the infinite color shades of natural gemstones combined with 18 karat yellow gold.

Creative Process

Marco Bicego jewelry is a creative vision brought to life; the result of a creative process in which every stage is carefully executed with passion, craftsmanship and technical know-how.

It all starts with an idea: a new shape, a play on perspective and dimension, the search for perfect harmony of line and curvature. The designs are inspired by organic forms found in nature, the beauty of 18 karat yellow gold and colored gemstones rendered unique because of their inclusions, a mark left by the passing of time.

The Headquarters

The Trissino headquarters employ more than 60 goldsmiths who make the brand's jewelry every day with the utmost dedication and expertise. Marco Bicego himself designed it as a place to create and produce, employing only specialized craftsmen from the area to underline his deep connection with the region.

Marco Bicego frequently hosts guests at the headquarters to experience the factory, product, and people firsthand.

Made in Italy

Despite the company's international outlook and notable expansion over the years, Marco Bicego was determined to keep the end-to-end production process and headquarters in Trissino, due to the strong bond with the region and community that the company is proud to be a part of.