1. Cookie policy

Cookies are small files, used to collect data about our website and with which we sometimes
track information about users' use of our site. We use cookies to optimize the usability and functionality of our website and to improve the services we offer.

Users express their preferences on sending cookies via the banner on the website or by changing their browser settings. Any limitations on cookies may adversely affect the user experience and functionality of our website.

2. What are cookies used for and what cookies do we use?

Cookies support the basic functionality of websites: some cookies are necessary as they
are instrumental for some essential functions of our website - for example, storing items placed in the shopping cart - while the user continues her/his purchases, navigating through various pages of the website. These cookies are referred to as "Technical Cookies" and are sent automatically when you first access the website.

We use technical cookies for
the following purpose:

・to help us improve the site by identifying errors that occur in the user's browsing experience;

・to offer advanced site functionality to the user through access to additional services or by resetting the shopping cart if the user wishes to return in a subsequent browsing session.

Cookies can help to improve the quality of our website and services: cookies collect
information (sometimes including IP address) to assess how you use our website and thus allow us to improve its navigability and offer optimized services.
Such cookies are referred to as "analytical cookies" and are sent only with the user's consent. Analytical Cookies that do not identify the user fall into the category of Technical Cookies.

We use analytical cookies for the following purposes:

・to provide anonymous and aggregate statistics on how people use our site;

・to ascertain the effectiveness of our promotions by identifying the points clicked by the user and the website of origin;

・to offer feedback to third-party partners - carefully selected - whose website has been visited by one of our visitors;

Cookies that allow us to share information with our carefully selected third-party partners
are referred to as Third Party Cookies, to offer services on our site.

Information shared should be used solely for the provision of the service or function (e.g., "Like" and "Share" buttons on social media). Some third-party cookies may be used to deliver a personalized user experience through services provided based on interest (see “Interest-based advertising”) both on this and other websites.  Personalized browsing experiences can sometimes be linked to services provided by third parties and aimed at recognizing that you have visited our site. This information is used to send users news about Marco Bicego products and services that may be of interest to you. These cookies may, in addition, redirect to social networks-for example, Facebook-or transmit information about the user's visit to advertising agencies. Such cookies are sent with the user's prior consent.

We use third-party cookies for the following purposes:

・in order to assess the use of and Interaction with our Online Channels.

To learn more about these data analysis services visit the relevant websites listed

Google Analytics:



3. Managing cookie preferences

To manage the cookies posted on our site you can interact with the banner or later change your browser preferences.

More details about the information we collect and how we use any personal information you provide can be found in our Privacy Policy.

4. Interest-based advertising

When you use our Online Channels, both we and certain third parties (such as our ad
networks, digital advertising partners and social media platforms) collect information regarding your online activity, from time to time and across third-party websites (such as on websites that provide our advertisements). We may use this information to provide you with personalized advertising about products and services based on your interests. For this purpose, we may also obtain information from third-party websites on which our advertisements are delivered. You may see some advertisements on other websites because we contract third-party ad buying networks (such as Facebook and Google ADS).
Through these buying networks we can target our messages to users through demographic, interest-based and contextual tools. Information that our advertising networks may collect on our behalf includes data about your visits to websites that provide Marco Bicego advertisements, such as the pages or advertisements you view and the actions you take on the websites. This data collection takes place on our websites and those of third parties that are part of these advertising networks. This process also helps us monitor the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. We will ask for your consent before using your information for interest-based advertising.

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