A Conversation with Marco, vol 3 - Baselworld

In an ongoing conversation between Marco Bicego and Julia LeBlanc, our VP of Marketing and Communications at Marco Bicego, we get a glimpse into Marco’s reflections on Baselworld, an international jewelry tradeshow which takes place each spring in Basel, Switzerland.

JL: Marco, you have been showcasing your jewelry at Basel for almost a decade. What is your favorite thing about Basel?

MB: I love Basel because it gives me the opportunity to meet so many amazing people from around the world. Whether I’m catching up with a fellow designer or introducing my collection to a buyer or editor for the first time, I love having the opportunity to connect with people through my jewelry.

JL: You are known for having a huge spread of delicious Italian foods and wines at your booth, making it quite the scene at Basel. Tell me more.

MB: Well, as you know, I am a food and wine connoisseur. It’s very important to me to have the finest and freshest ingredients. People laugh, but I truck in from Italy fresh Italian cheeses, produce, meats and wines to have on-hand at the tradeshow. It’s part of me, part of the brand. It has also become a Basel  tradition that we have a moment at the end of every day where we share a glass of wine with our friends and colleagues. We call it a “Franciacorta Moment” and its stuck. We celebrate these “moments” all throughout the year!

JL: Do you have a favorite Basel moment?

MB: Yes, well, aside from all the fun parties we go to – it’s really the time well spent with our customers, when I can personally thank them for their support and strategize for  another year of success. 

JL: Any tips for staying sane throughout the show?

MB: It’s a furious pace but it’s incredibly rewarding. I try to relax and enjoy it (and the Franciacorta helps!)