The Convertible

The Marco Bicego brand was created with the idea of timeless luxury in mind. So it’s only natural that we offer pieces that can be mixed together to provide versatility for your jewlery wardrobe.  Paired with a simple t-shirt or evening look, these pieces can take you from day to night in just moments- and will make vacation packing a breeze.

 The Diamond Murano Link necklace and bracelet are the perfect example. Through the use of twisting and attaching various links, you can play up your individual sense of style and add personality to any outfit with these simple and timeless variations. Watch the convertible video.

  1. Classic Necklace and Bracelet
    • Wear the necklace and bracelet as is, no alterations needed
  1. Two Strand Bib
    • Link one end of the necklace into the other and link the bracelet between
  1. Adjustable Length Lariat
    • Clasp the bracelet to the end of the necklace, use the other clasp to adjust the length
    • Wear in the front or down your back
  1. Three Strand Bib
    • Link the necklace to itself partway up its length
    • Use the bracelet clasp to link the bracelet and the free end of the necklace across
    • Clasp the other end of the bracelet into the first necklace clasp
  1. Simple Two Stand Bib
    • Fold the 36” necklace in half at the desired length of the two strands
    • Place the bracelet behind the neck and clasp the ends to the necklace
  1. Wrap Bracelet
    • Connect the necklace and bracelet together and loop around your wrist numerous times to create a wrap bracelet
  1. Extended Necklace
    • Add the bracelet and necklace together to create one long extended chain

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