What's in a name?

Luce, our newest collection made exclusively for MarcoBicego.com, has a heartwarming story behind its name. Meaning "light" in Italian, this collection features a range of silhouettes crafted in thin, irregularly-shaped, hand-engraved 18kt yellow gold strands both juxtaposed and intertwined amongst each other and beautifully adorned with diamonds.

Our VP of Marketing & Communications Julia LeBlanc takes you through the inspiration behind the idea and name for the collection below.

The collection was conceptualized with our younger customer in mind – the simple and delicate aesthetic combined with a lower price point makes it perfect for the chic and modern young woman who’s seeking to kick-start her personal collection of fine jewelry.

When naming our collections, it’s typically a back-and-forth conversation between our San Francisco Executive team and our Italian office, bouncing ideas off one another and seeing what sticks. Although this often proves challenging with many suggestions exchanged, naming Luce was different. 

Over the summer, we were sitting at dinner in Italy, at a fantastic restaurant called Damini, which is extremely fun – and worth mentioning that it received its first Michelin star the night we were there! I was sitting alongside our Creative Director, Terri Pecorra, our President, Moise Cohen, our VP of Merchandising, Deborah Cohen and Marco and his wife, Valentina. The naming of the collection came up after a few drinks (a glass of Marco’s favorite sparkling wine Franciacorta always gets the creative juices flowing)!

Marco was explaining to us that Luce means luminous or "light.” Valentina mentioned that their teenage daughter, Benedetta, has a blind Latin teacher with a dog named Luce – in this case, meaning the light his owner cannot see. How precious! There was our name - Luce, the light the dog provides and, in this case, our jewelry.

We were all inspired by this story and the way in which Luce not only physically provides light for his owner, but also the emotional strength he offers. Our collection was thus named “Luce” directly translating to “light,” but more so meaning the glow and radiance that each wearer of our collection gives us when she puts on a piece of our jewelry.