A Conversation with Marco, vol. 2 - PAs

In an ongoing conversation between Marco Bicego and Julia LeBlanc, our VP of Marketing and Communications at Marco Bicego, we get a glimpse into Marco’s musings on the Marco Bicego woman, how she likes to style her jewelry and how Marco finds the right work-life balance.

JL: Marco, you travel to North America approximately six weeks a year, doing what we refer to as “P.A’s” or “Personal Appearances,” where you get the chance to meet your customers at their local jewelers. I know that you get inspired when you see the way a woman has styled your jewelry - tell me more about that.

MB:  I draw inspiration from the beauty I find in my everyday life - colors in nature, architectural design, and yes, I am always inspired to see how my clients style and layer my pieces. I listen to their questions and get to know them a little- and I imagine what they want to wear next!

JL: Describe the Marco Bicego woman:

MB: The Marco Bicego woman has an innate sense of style; she is youthful, appreciates art, travel and isn’t afraid to experiment with jewelry in unconventional ways. All of our pieces can be worn together, and I love to see how the Marco Bicego woman chooses to artfully layer them.  

JL: Do you find the women wearing your designs in Europe have different taste in jewelry and how they style it than women in America?

MB: My jewelry tends to be universal and recognizable, yet it is always discreet and can be worn on many occasions and by women all over the world. However, I do feel there is a difference in how each market wears jewelry. American women have perfected the art of layering key pieces such as necklaces and bangles. European women love my bold statement pieces and are creative in the way they wear them, such as taking a necklace and wrapping it around their wrist a few times to make a bracelet. 

JL:  In today’s marketplace there are so many choices for the consumer. Why should she buy Marco Bicego?

MB: Apart from our beautifully cut gemstones and liquid-like gold designs, women come to the Marco Bicego brand because they know each piece is instilled with a hand-made heritage that’s hard to come by in today’s industry.  

Because our jewelry is hand crafted by goldsmiths, there is a unique, personal quality that is reflected in every piece. Our craftsmen use a Bulino tool to engrave hundreds of tiny lines on the gold’s surface, creating a tactile finish which remains practically unalterable through time and nearly impossible to imitate.

JL: Since you travel here (and abroad) so much, how do you manage to balance your work with your home life?  

MB: My family is and will always be my top priority. Lucky for me, my family is a huge part of my business so I’m able to have the best of both worlds…and there is always time for a glass of Franciacorta, my favorite wine!