A Conversation with Marco, vol. 1

In an ongoing conversation between Marco Bicego and Julia LeBlanc, our VP of Marketing and Communications of Marco Bicego, we get a glimpse into Marco’s musings on life, jewelry and why the American woman is a source of inspiration.

JL: You have a very personal connection to the art of creating jewelry. For those who might not be familiar, how did you get your start?

MB: From a young age, I had a love for jewelry. My father Guiseppe Bicego founded a gold chain business in Vicenza that evolved into a hugely successful company. When I was younger, I used to spend every summer at his atelier where I would watch the craftsmen at work and try my hand at making beautiful objects of my own. After many years apprenticing and working with my father, I started crafting my own pieces and later debuted my own collection in 2000. 

JL: Your collections include a variety of metals and stones and range from delicate to statement-making styles. What would you say is the unifying factor to your designs?

MB: All of my collections are hand-crafted by goldsmiths in my atelier in Italy. Hand-engraved gold and hand-twisted coils are the tenets at the heart of the Marco Bicego brand and are reflected in each piece of jewelry.

JL: I know that you spend a lot of time in stores here in North America, and you have often told me that you love the way that American women style their jewelry. What do American women do differently, than say, Italian women?

MB: Yes, I do say that a lot! It’s true - American women have an innate sense of style and are not afraid to experiment with styling their jewelry - I design jewelry for its preciousness, but also for its versatility, and American women get that and they have become a huge source of inspiration to me when designing new pieces! They know that my pieces look just as good paired with a tennis skirt or a simple white tee shirt as they do with a cocktail dress.