Spotlight on: The Art of Layering

“There is nothing I enjoy more than a woman who isn’t afraid to experiment with her jewelry,” says Marco Bicego. “She is the woman I design for.”

While beautiful as stand-alone pieces, Marco Bicego designs also beg to be layered to create stunning statement pieces. “The key to creating the perfect layered look is having fun and not being afraid to experiment with different pieces,” said Bicego.

Creating your own layered looks using pieces from the collection is made easy through the iconic shapes and silhouettes represented within the Marco Bicego collection. Layering long chains with shorter necklaces in different styles is a fail-proof way to create an unexpected, yet chic statement piece. One of our favorite layering looks was styled by Anna Maria Pimental, style director at Neiman Marcus, who layered a Cairo collar and Africa necklace together to create an edgy, yet luxurious look.

The vast assortment of bangles and bracelets within the Marco Bicego collection also lend themselves to layering. “Stacking bracelets in odd numbers is the way to go,” exclaimed Bicego. “Mixing a selection of bangles, some with colorful stones and diamonds and others in all gold with delicate chain bracelets creates an effortlessly chic day look that never fails!”

There are no set rules when it comes to layering jewelry, but the key is to have fun experimenting and trying different variations – you can’t go wrong!